Erik Costin Will Always Be Everett at Heart

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Erik Costin grew up in Everett in the 80’s and 90’s and attended Everett Schools. He graduated from Everett High School in 1998 and was a remarkable basketball player for Everett High School. He received numerous awards for his performance on the basketball team including two scholarships from the E Club and left a legacy.

“The City of Everett will always hold a special place in my heart,” said Costin. “I enjoyed my time in the neighborhoods, playing basketball, and at Glendale Park. I may not have been the best student, but I am grateful for all those who mentored me. I learned how to work hard to achieve my goals.”

After graduating Everett High School, Costin went on to attend Lasell University where he majored in legal studies. He also continued his basketball career at Lasell and scored 1000 points during his time there. While in college, Costin was an intern at the Everett Police Department and he thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Not only did he learn more about the city he loved, but he saw Everett from a different point of view.

Upon graduating from Lasell University, Costin moved to Florida where he owns several companies that include a construction company, a real estate company, and a luxury home and building company.

Over the years, Costin has never forgotten his roots. He has been exceptionally generous with donations to the Everett High School Athletics and started a scholarship under his name in the E Club. He has also helped children from Everett who needed assistance attend sports camps.

“I am proud to give back and support a community that supported me,” said Costin. “I am fortunate that I am able to make donations and I credit the City of Everett for teaching me how to be successful. I couldn’t think of a better way to say thank you from afar than with financially helping those who need the support.”

Additionally, Costin carries the City of Everett with him each day when he goes to work. He named his office building “Glendale Park” after Glendale Park here in Everett and also has a mural of the “Old Glendale Park” in the lobby of this building.

“Growing up, I spent time with my friends at Glendale Park,” said Costin. “Glendale Park and Everett hold a special place in my heart. I am grateful for the experiences he had in Everett because it helped shape me to be the person I am today.”

On April 5th, Mayor Carlo DeMaria proudly recognized Costin for his Everett pride and generosity to the City of Everett. DPW Director Jerry Navarra presented him with a plaque expressing Mayor DeMaria’s gratitude. The City of Everett is truly grateful for Costin’s unconditional love and support.

“Erik Costin is an Everett legend and I was proud to honor him,” said Mayor DeMaria. “He was an exceptional basketball player at Everett High School and has become a remarkable man. Erik will always be a member of our community and we are all humbled by his generosity.”

Costin currently resides in Florida with his wife, Dawn and two children Tyler and Luke, who have followed in his footsteps by playing in their schools’ sports programs.

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