DeMaria Lifts Facial Covering Order Here

Mayor Carlo DeMaria issued an executive order on Monday that retroactively removed the mandatory facial covering advisory – as of last Tuesday, May 18 – for all indoor and outdoor public spaces, with a few exceptions such as hospitals and schools.

The mandatory facial covering advisory has been in effect for many months and was consistent with Gov. Charlie Baker’s order, which will be lifted as of May 29. In Everett, COVID-19 cases have dropped significantly in the last month, with fewer than 30 cases reported in the last week.

Along with rescinding that advisory, the executive order indicated that retroactively from May 13, all vaccinated individuals will no longer need to wear a mask or socially distance while outdoors.

That said, the order indicates that nothing within it prevents private businesses, entities, organizations, restaurants, retail stores or other places of public accommodation from choosing to set their own requirements for masking or vaccination.

Effective on May 29, facial coverings will continue to be required for vaccinated and non-vaccinated people in the following locations:

•Public and Private Transportation.

•Students, teachers and staff inside K-12 public school buildings, collaboratives, special education schools and other facilities identified by DESE.

•Students, teachers and staff in childcare programs.

•Patients, visitors, and staff in health care facilities and provider offices.

•Clients and staff in congregate care settings.

•Staff and consumers in health care and rehab day services and programs.

The order was signed by Mayor DeMaria and Public Health Director Sabrina Firicano.

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