Our Lady of Grace Church Vandalized

A stained glass window was vandalized and broken out earlier this month when neighborhood youths allegedly threw rocks at the church and its windows – busting an irreplaceable, old stained glass window.

On Saturday, May 8, Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church was vandalized when neighborhood youth hurled large rocks through a large, beautiful stain glass window located in the working sacristy on the side of the church. This occurred just prior to the annual Confirmation Mass presided by Bishop Mark O’Connell. Luckily no one inside the church was injured. Everett Police responded immediately and have been helpful with an investigation of the incident.

Father John Sheridan and parishioners of Our Lady of Grace Church on the Everett/Chelsea City Line were
shocked to find their stained glass window was broken by what is believed to be an act of vandalism by local young people. It is the second church in Everett to be vandalized this month.

It is the second House of Worship in Everett to be vandalized this month, with the historic Black church Zion Baptist Ministries on Broadway being vandalized as well.

Fr. John Sheridan stated, “It is unfortunate and regrettable that this happened. I am so glad no one was injured and no damage was done to the floor as well. I pray, along with our parishioners, this will not happen again. We have had other window and property issues. I ask those responsible to respect our church and those who attend services and participate in the many ministries and activities.

He added, “I am grateful to Hub Glass who boarded up the window. We expect to gather quotes for replacement costs.”

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