Local Efforts Improve Area Rivers

It’s been barely a month since thenew, daylighted Island End River along SecondStreet has been opened up to the world once again as a regular stream, but already,on Earth Day (April 22) nonetheless, thesegeese were spotted swimming down the formerly underground industrial wasteland of a stream. The recently-completed project– which will be continued by The Davis Companies further downstream in a culvert – marked an historic return of the River to the City, a move applauded by Mayor Carlo DeMaria and waterway advocates in the region. The daylighting not only was to improve habitat for birds such as these, but also to reduce flooding in the lower half of Everett. Almost two-thirds of the City drains its stormwater through the Island End.
During the weekly clean-up with Everett residents and the Friends of the Malden River last week in RiverGreen Park just prior to Earth Day, one volunteer spotted this recently-
hatched turtle near the shoreline of the River. The young turtle being spotted there is a tremendous sign for the health of the River, as it means that efforts to clear the banks of invasive phragmites has returned the area to host a breeding ground and nests for native turtles. With the phragmites and the toxic conditions left behind by GE Corporation years ago, the area was not hospitable to wildlife and especially breeding turtles. Now, with the RiverGreen cleaned up and the Malden River being restored, the area has made a complete turnaround – bringing back wildlife alongside residents looking for some respite. The effort along the waterfront has been a constant emphasis for Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the City of Everett for some time – with help at RiverGreen by Encore Boston Harbor.

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