Outdoor Dining Applications Will Begin

The Everett License Commission met on March 24 and approved a plan to start outdoor dining in a no-frills process this spring, and also approved a package store license for a drug store inside Encore Boston Harbor.

Chair Phil Antonelli offered up a vote to allow the Planning Department to take over outdoor dining applications at last week’s meeting, and called for businesses to begin applying for the permits.

Last year’s process eventually was moved to the Planning Department for an administrative process that didn’t require License Commission review, and now that process will start anew. The outdoor dining option was a saving grace for many restaurants last summer and fall, and was popular with the public as well.

“We have opened up our outdoor dining program again,” said Antonelli. “Any licensee that serves alcohol and wants to have a fenced-in or roped off area in front of their restaurant needs to apply now. The Planning Department will be handling that in conjunction with City Attorney Keith Slattery.”

Antonelli said the Planning Department and Slattery will review applications for safety and completeness and adherence to regulations. Then, they will simply inform the Commission of the administrative approval. Any issues that arise afterward would potentially be reviewed by the Commission, though.

The program was approved 3-0 by the Commission.

Encore Gets Package License

Encore Boston Harbor was approved in a 3-0 vote to get an All Alcohol Package Store license to allow it to sell alcohol seven days a week from the small drug store inside the resort.

The license was needed as the store could not be covered under any of the existing licenses administered by the Gaming Commission.

Commissioners at the February meeting did have concerns about the plan, which lacked key details like operating hours. They were also concerned about patrons purchasing single beers or single bottles and drinking them inside the resort and outside on the HarborWalk.

On March 24, Encore officials said they would be selling alcohol Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. They would use their existing security to enforce measures to prevent people from drinking the purchases alcohol in the resort or outside. Patrons could, though, drink the purchased alcohol if they were actively playing at a gaming station.

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