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Everett Libraries Receive State Aid to Public Libraries Grant Award

Mayor DeMaria is pleased to announce that the Everett Public Libraries have been certified by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) to receive their annual State Aid to Public Libraries Grant for FY21. While this process was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MBLC has now officially recognized that the Everett Public Libraries are in full compliance with all State regulations pertaining to municipal public libraries and, as such, certified our Libraries to receive State Aid this year.

“I am grateful for this generous award from the Commonwealth,” said Mayor DeMaria. “It is wonderful that our libraries have received this funding and can continue to provide our community access to State-wide services.”

“It was great to read that, despite some budgetary uncertainty resulting from the pandemic at the beginning of the Fiscal Year, the State was able to fund their State Aid Library grants this year,” said Interim Library Director, Matt Lattanzi. “The funds we are receiving from the State will make a very positive impact on the expansion of services we provide to our patrons.”

The grant was awarded in the amount of $75,716.72 for this FY21, which is an increase from last year’s amount. In addition to the funding, State certification also allows our libraries to participate in State-wide services that include the Commonwealth Catalogue and certain State-wide Interlibrary Loans for materials.

Massachusetts National Guard to Provide Continued Assistance in Washington, D.C.

In response to a request from federal authorities for continued support, approximately 400 members of the Massachusetts National Guard will depart this weekend for Washington, D.C., to provide ongoing public safety support to local, state, and federal agencies in the region.

As with earlier Massachusetts Guard assistance in the nation’s capital, the deployment falls under Governor Charlie Baker’s Jan. 25 activation order, which made up to 700 Massachusetts National Guard personnel available at any given time to augment the security and logistics capabilities of various agencies in the region. With the Governor’s consent, this second phase of the federally funded mission is expected to last for 10 weeks. Previously, around 600 Soldiers and Airmen were deployed to the support mission and returned home on Feb. 22.

The mission will not interfere with the Massachusetts National Guard’s ability to respond to and assist in emergencies within the Commonwealth.  The Guard will ensure all appropriate health protection measures are implemented leading up to, and throughout, the mission. This includes pre-departure screenings, COVID-19 testing, and mandatory mask wear. Additionally, Soldiers and Airmen will have individual rooms while deployed to the D.C. area to further reduce risks during this pandemic.

The Massachusetts National Guard trains regularly with military, law enforcement, and civilian agencies to provide a broad spectrum of services in support of security, logistics, disaster relief, and other missions. The Guard has a proven track record of success supporting civilian authorities and their frequent side-by-side training with state and local first responders makes them well-suited for this mission.

Everett Citizens Foundation Grand Funding Application

Mayor Carlo DeMaria is pleased to announce that the Everett Citizens Foundation Granting Funding application for Round 2 in FY21 is now available. The request limit for this round of funding is set at $10,000. All applications are due Monday, April 5.

“This is a great opportunity for organizations to receive additional funding,” said Mayor DeMaria. “The Everett Citizens Foundation seeks to assist organizations that have a positive impact on the residents of Everett. I encourage all organizations in the community to apply.”

Any nonprofit organization can apply, however organizations who received funding during Round 1 are ineligible to receive any funds during Round 2. Applications can be found online at

For questions or concerns regarding the application or eligibility, please email [email protected].

Construction Starts on Northern Strand Extension

Beginning Wednesday, March 10, Construction began on the Northern Strand Bike Path to add and upgrade neighborhood connections at Elm Way, Parlin Street, Norman Street and West Wellington Streets. In order to facilitate this work, the trail was closed from West Street to Waters Avenue on Thursday, March 10, and extending through July 31.

In addition, construction will begin on a new section of trail beginning at West/Wellington Streets and extending approximately one mile south to the Encore Casino and Mystic Riverwalk trails. This work will be completed in October of this year.

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