Mayor DeMaria Recognizes Quincy Police for Helping Cousin

On Feb. 25, Mayor Carlo DeMaria was on hand to officially recognize nine officers that helped to save his cousin on Dec. 24 in a life-threatening accident in Quincy.

The mayor indicated that on Dec. 24, his cousin Jacqueline was in a serious motor vehicle crash and was trapped under the vehicle and severely hurt. The officers cited helped to free her from under the car and save her life.

On Feb. 25, he went to the Quincy Police Station and presented the officers with a citation from his office in Everett.

“Thank you for your heroism, bravery, and commitment to safety,” said the mayor. “On behalf of myself, my family, my aunt Jo, my cousin Melissa and the rest of our family, we are so grateful for what you did. Thank you to Chief Keenan, my friend Mayor Tom Koch and the other members of the QPD for welcoming my family. I was humbled and truly honored to present these heroes with citations. Thank you Quincy Police.”

Those given citations were: Officer Kenneth Stanley, Officer Elizabeth Le, Officer Krestina Habib, Officer Asher Hughes, Detective Charles Landry, Officer Stephen Brown, Officer Matthew Benvie, Officer Michael Dougan, and Officer John Leuchte.

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