Planning Board ok’s changes at Wood Waste, Second Street progressing

The Planning Board on Feb. 8 approved a minor modification to the newer plan for the old Wood Waste site, a 600-plus unit residential community build on the construction waste yard, and paved the way for the project to start very soon.
Greystar Development’s Tammy Copson was at the Board on Feb. 8 for a minor modification to make sure the former conditions on the approvals jived with what the plan is now on paper. The changes clear the path for a potential construction on the site of 650-units of housing in two, six-story buildings with 9,000 sq. ft. of retail space.
Copson told the Board that the 57 conditions on the permit that was given more than two years ago needed some updating so that everything was understood and clear.
“We wanted to clarify some edits of the conditions,” she said. “
“(The project) will most definitely start if we can get everything cleaned up,” she said.
Greystar, the largest residential apartment developer in the world, got involved with the project last summer after taking it over from the former Wood Waste ownership, under Billy Thibeault.
Planning Board member Leo Pizzano pointed out that once the project gets under construction, it’s going to be a very confusing situation. That’s because there are going to be multiple projects under construction at the same time.
Greystar will like start first, but the 18-month construction period will likely overlap with Grossman Properties’ massive project at the Stop & Shop and Block properties’ residential project on Second Street.
“That will be three massive projects and a fourth on Vale Street that are going to be going all at once and the residents at The Pioneer are going to be wanting to get out of there,” he said. “I keep saying that.”
The matter was approved 5-0.
Block Properties made their second official appearance at the Planning Board on Feb. 8 after a trip there in January for a full presentation. The residential project at Second and Vine Streets was informally introduced to the Board, though, last October.
In January, the development team had appeared before the Board and had a thorough presentation. However, a technology snafu didn’t allow all Board members to get questions submitted.
The team was back for those questions on Feb. 8.
The plan is to demolish two industrial buildings on Vine and Second Streets in the Commercial Triangle near the City Line with Chelsea. They hope to build a six-story building with 320 units of apartment housing with 4,000 sq. ft. of retail space and a parking garage. The project meets most all zoning codes, and only needs to complete the Site Plan Review process.
The City has been working on transportation issues and stormwater issues with the development team, and that continues. The developer has ceded a portion of the property fronting Second Street to be used for the Silver Line extension when and if it comes to be. Meanwhile, Block Properties will likely be one of the first groups to work through the new Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan approved by the Board last month.
An Activity Use Limitation (AUL) for pollution on the site is likely to be filed in the coming months, allowing the developer to provide 5 percent Affordable Housing rather than the usually-required 15 percent.
The matter will be taken up again on Feb. 22.

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