Baker Signs Transportation Bond Bill, Everett Gets $10 Million

Representative Joe McGonagle and Mayor Carlo DeMaria are pleased to announce that the recently signed transportation bond bill includes $10 million to address issues surrounding Sweetser Circle in Everett.

“We waited a long time for this bill to finally get to the Governor’s desk and I’m so thankful it has been passed and Everett is included,” said McGonagle. “This money will be a huge investment in improving traffic and road concerns in our community. I am very thankful to all in the legislature who helped get this passed, including Senator Sal DiDomenico, and to Mayor DeMaria for making this a priority for the city. I’d also like to thank Jay Monty without whom this would not have been possible.”

Although the House originally passed the bill in March 2020, the pandemic put the official passing of this bill on hold until January 2021 when the committee sent the final version to the Governor. While the Governor signed off on most of the bill, he vetoed a few pieces, including raising fees on rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft. Overall, the bill contained $16.5 billion for investments in the Commonwealth’s transportation systems.

“I’m happy to have worked with Rep McGonagle to secure $10M in the Transportation Bond Bill for Sweetser Circle,” said DeMaria. “This will be a down payment on what we hope will be a complete transformation of the traffic circle that will not only calm traffic and create safe pedestrian access between upper and lower Broadway, but also include access to the Silver Line, Commuter Rail, Northern Strand Bike Path and Malden River walks, creating a truly multi-modal transportation hub in the City.”

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