Joe Biden Needs Our Prayers

With President Joe Biden taking the oath of office this week, America is ready to recover — both physically and psychologically — from the four years of “carnage” that has been left behind by the previous presidential administration.

It is fair to say that no incoming President ever has faced more challenges than those that are awaiting Joe Biden:

— Washington, D.C. looks like a war zone for the inauguration, with 30,000 U.S. troops fortifying the city in the wake of the mob that stormed the Capitol two weeks ago. Similar threats of violence by anarchist, right-wing groups loom all across the country.

— The COVID-19 pandemic is killing thousands of Americans each and every day, seven days a week, filling our hospitals to overflowing and overwhelming our healthcare system.

— The nation’s economy is in tatters, even more so than during the Great Depression, with record-high unemployment, hunger, and small business failures.

— America’s reputation in the world never has been lower in our entire history. Both friend and foe view us as an unreliable and unstable nation, rather than the moral and powerful leader that we have been since our founding.

— And last but not least, the Russians have breached our national security with a massive cyberattack, the full scope of which still is to be determined.

The one saving grace for our country is this: No incoming president in the past 50 years has had more experience, and is better prepared for the job, than Joe Biden. The same too, goes for his key Cabinet members. They will be able to hit the ground running to get us back on track.

Still, the task ahead for Joe Biden is daunting — and he will need all of the prayers we can send his way.

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