Best Burger, Via Everett

Everett native and North Conway restaurateur Dan Rassi
won the Food Network’s Chopped! Television show last
Tuesday, Nov. 17, in a competition with three other chefs
about who could make the best burger in the ‘Comfort
Food Feud’ competition. He will now advance to the Dec.
9 Comfort Food Feud finals, with the winner of that larger
contest winning $25,000.
Rassi, who grew up in Everett and worked at restaurants
here, now operates Wicked Fresh Craft Burgers with another
Everett native, Marc Iannuzzi, in New Hampshire. Last
week’s episode was filmed in Maine at an outdoor kitchen
last August. His winning burger featured a donut baked
into the hamburger bun, and ground short rib and burger
flavored with a red wine sauce. It also contained a mixture
of carrots, celery and onion. Rassi said that winning burger
is now featured at his restaurant as the ‘Champ Burger.’
Rassi beat out fellow chefs Mitzy Jackson-Robinson of the
University of Pennsylvania; Johan Jensen of Connecticut;
and d’Andre Miller of New York City.

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