Letter to the Editor

Halloween 2020… The New Norm

I ask Mayor DeMaria to reconsider his decision of having Halloween go as normal, as if we were not going through the worst health crisis we have ever seen. Councilor Stephanie Martins and I have asked for the consideration from Mayor DeMaria and the administration to have Halloween celebrated at 7-Acre Park. I agree with the mayor that we need to allow the children to enjoy the excitement of dressing up and the fun of trick-or-treating, but we can do this in a well-organized and safe fashion. We would love to propose that we communicate with as many local businesses that would like to join a “Halloween Parade” for the children of Everett on Saturday, October 31 –  Halloween Day. It would be in the same fashion that the City provided the Everett High School 2020 graduation ceremonies. 7-Acre Park is spacious enough to have a representative from each local business pass out treats, a socially distant parade from 3-5 p.m., before dark, so the kids and their families can enjoy their costumes. This is about the children, they need this time to have fun and it may possibly be the last holiday before the weather turns and we will once again need to practice our social distancing indoors with the cold weather soon approaching.

I thought it was irresponsible when Governor Baker did not place guidelines for Halloween. We as a city can correct that mistake and provide a fun, safe Halloween with a midday parade and not a night of trick-or-treating on crowded sidewalks. With the positive cases of COVID-19 drastically on the rise, I ask the mayor and his administration to work with Councilor Stephanie Martins and myself to create a fun safe celebration for the children, seniors and residents who are at risk across our city. Let’s make this a fun, safe and enjoyable Halloween for the families of Everett to remember not regret.


Michael McLaughlin

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