1647 Begins Virtual School to Home Fundraiser to Raise $10,000

Last week, 1647, an organization that prepares educators to build authentic partnerships with families that are essential to student success, has begun its annual fundraiser with a generous match from an anonymous donor for donations up to $5,000.

Community members and others interested in participating are encouraged to visit www.1647.org/donate. Funds raised will benefit several districts, including Everett, Chelsea and Revere.

Meeting this fundraising goal of $10,000 will allow 1647 to train hundreds of teachers and staff at schools that serve high-need communities in Massachusetts. Those educators, in turn, will reach thousands of students and families who are engaged in remote and hybrid learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The educators are trained in strategies to partner with families to enhance student success while addressing inequities in the education system that often marginalize families of color, immigrants, and other underserved communities. Contributions to this fundraiser will allow 1647 to provide financial assistance to schools and districts with over 25% of students designated as high need.  

“With so many students learning from home with their families as their guides, our work is more crucial than ever. Educators need tools and strategies to build relationships with families so that they can collaborate to ensure every student’s success. Families know their kids best and want them to succeed, so schools need to tap into that energy and expertise to fill some of the gaps created by remote learning. Teachers are working incredibly hard to reach their students and families and we want to support them with training on strategies that work,” says Ann Walsh, Founding Director of 1647. 

Educators are trained to build trusting relationships with students’ families through culturally responsive practices that address the implicit biases and structural barriers to educational equity. Teachers practice welcome calls, ongoing communication, and more effective family-teacher conferences with 1647’s staff of family facilitators. The long-term vision is that all educators and families in Massachusetts will work in partnership to support student success, long after students and teachers have returned to their classrooms.

To learn more about the organization and how to participate in this year’s fundraiser, please visit: http://www.1647families.org.

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