Planning Board Gives Preliminary Review of 110 Tremont Project

In what will very quickly become a popular place to live, Tremont Street in Everett – abutting the Northern Strand Bike Path – has another proposal by property owner Greg Antonelli.

Antonelli is a busy all over the city right now, but on Monday at the Planning Board meeting online, he proposed a 47-unit residential apartment building for two old industrial buildings on Tremont Street. The new proposal would add to the project he is just about to finish up next door in a formerly industrial building that will include micro-units and spectacular finishes, the developer has said.

The draft design for a new 47-unit project put forward by Greg Antonelli for 110 Tremont St. to accompany a soon-to-be-finished housing project next door. Antonelli is converting the formerly industrial area into a new residential area – an area that nowadays abuts the bike path and RiverGreen Park.

The new proposal will be housed in an existing two-story building in combination with an existing one-story building on the site, including 15 parking spaces on site as well. The site has become very much in vogue lately as it abuts to the rear the bike path and the newly developed and massive River Green park and playing fields.

Antonelli said they would all be one-bedroom units, and he was open to looking at some modifications, such as adding a rock wall to prevent headlights from shining on the house across the street.

The project does not require any approvals from the Zoning Board of Appeals, and comes in by right – meaning there will be few reviews of the project aside from the Planning Board. Also, as Antonelli filed paperwork on the project some time ago, he is not subject to any of the affordable housing requirements in this project.

Member Leo Pizzano asked that the project follow the Everett Design Guidelines and use at least 20 percent brick, preferably on the façade. Antonelli said he was open to 20 percent brick, but maybe not all on the front.

“I have no problem with 20 percent brick,” he said. “I’m all for it. I don’t know if I’m interested in the whole front being brick, but I’ll look at it.”

He also said he’s open to adding bike storage as well.

One abutter, Ann Moran, said she was opposed to it as Antonelli has had issues with her regarding truck lights going into her home when parking- among other things.

The matter will come back to the Planning Board on Aug. 24.

•Elm Street Told about The Bricks

If there’s one thing anyone going to the Planning Board should know, it’s that the Board – and specifically Member Leo Pizzano – are going to ask for brick on the outside.

That’s all part of the Everett Design Guidelines approved some time ago, and mostly adhered to – though much of the time it takes a sharp reminder from Pizzano to get developers to move on that. That was just the case on Monday when a new development for Elm Street was sent back to the drawing board when it failed to use any brick on the façade.

The owner of Elm Street Market is looking to build on top of his thriving conna’ store, rebuilding the second story and adding a third story. The new additions will house eight new units of housing atop the existing store. There will be no parking, according to Attorney Paul DeLorey, who represents owner.

The proposal was met with opposition by Pizzano and the rest of the Board, as it had no brick and didn’t follow the design standards for Elm Street.

“Let me put it to you this way,” he said. “We’re sick and tired of looking at these siding buildings. This one is no exception. The front should be all brick, bottom to the top and the returns. It should look like something. Right now, we’re getting another cement box…We on the Planning Board are going to enforce this suggestion that this have 20 percent brick.”

The developer and design team were asked to look at a redesign for the Aug. 24 meeting.

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