Seniors from EHS Boys Track Reflect on Lost Season

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“We aren’t just a

 team…we are a family”

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing the closure of schools across the state for the remainder of the 2020 school year, the Everett High athletic season also was canceled, taking away from the members of the senior class the opportunity to compete for the last time in a Crimson Tide uniform.

The Independent invited the coaches and members of the EHS spring sports teams from the Class of 2020 to reflect on the season that was taken away from them in order to give these young athletes the recognition that they deserve.

We also asked that they provide some insight into what it means to be a Crimson Tide varsity athlete and briefly to discuss their plans for the future.

Last week, we featured the comments of EHS head coach Jehu Cimea and members of the girls track & field team. This week we are publishing the comments from some of the senior members of the boys’ track team.

We are certain that our readers will be as impressed as we were with these outstanding young men and join us in wishing them the best in their future endeavors:

Arthur Rosa

I am so proud and happy that I decided to join the Everett High track team starting in my freshman year. It definitely showed the value of a team and how much it means to me. I am saddened to see our last season go like this, but the experience will always be a part of me and because of that I am grateful for our Everett track team and everyone who was involved. 

Thank you to all the coaches, athletes, and all the fans who supported us throughout our journey. 

Ronald Cruz

I have been on the Everett High School track team since my junior year. While I was only on the team for two seasons, those two seasons were truly my best experience throughout my high school career. The team was always so energetic and it was just a wonderful environment to be in. Everyone was so helpful and positive, I will honestly miss everyone on the team. My only regret was not joining as a freshman.

Being an athlete for EHS was a great feeling. I take great pride in having represented Everett as well as the team. The Everett track team always had a winning mindset against any other team, This is what made Everett’s track team so great. Everett itself is a great and prideful city. I am glad to have represented Everett as I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Unfortunately with the closure of schools for the rest of the year it comes with great sadness that the spring season has been cancelled. Once I had heard that the season was cancelled, I was both shocked and heartbroken at the same time. This would have been my last season ever as I will not continue track throughout college. I would like to thank Coach Cimea and Coach Hahesy for having me on such a great team, as well as for the amount of work and effort they put into every athlete. 

Fabrice Jacques

I remember when I came into EHS, there were a lot of things I felt like I had to do. However, track was one of the first things I did because I genuinely enjoyed it. It was not always easy because there was a lot of sweat and pain and sometimes even blood and tears, but without a doubt it was worth it.Whenever I entered the gym or stadium, my stress and problems would be pushed to the back of my mind and my focus would shift to running and pushing through the hard workouts with my fellow track athletes. Coach Cimea and my teammates became a second family. 

As a senior captain, it deeply saddens me that our spring season got cut before it even started, especially since many of us will not be running track in college. It was the last time we not only would be able to run with each other, but also competitively, and we were looking forward to making it our best season yet. I will always cherish the wonderful memories I created during my time as a track athlete and will continue to apply the values of teamwork, discipline, and hard work in all the other areas of my life as I continue on my journey.

Eduardo Chaparro

Being an athlete at Everett High is one of the greatest privileges to have. Ever since I joined the EHS track & field team back in 2016, I knew I was where I wanted to be. During these four years everyone has grown and all of us have become a big family. From growing up in separate middle schools to reaching the bustling hallways of high school, everyone came together and ran towards a goal.

It means everything to me to be an athlete at Everett High. Track allowed me to make new friends and to grow as an athlete, as a student, and as a person. As a captain I’ve created bonds with my coaches and teammates that could’ve never been made without the sport. Coach Cimea has not only been an amazing coach, but also a kind friend who cares about everyone and is even there for you outside of practice and the meets. 

With that being said, finding out that our 2020 spring track season was cancelled was a really hard hit. I wasn’t upset about missing prom, senior activities, or graduation even, but knowing that my last season of spring track was cancelled was the biggest punch to the gut ever. Even now I think about how we could be practicing in the field instead of being stuck at home. I know that it’s nobody’s fault and this is all for our safety but it still hurts really badly that I won’t be able to run outside one last time with the team I’ve grown so much with. 

I miss the cheering from the stands, the huffing and puffing, the congratulations and everything that comes with it. I wish this never happened.

I’m thinking of doing track at Suffolk University this fall while I study there and I’m very excited. Running and competing has become such a big part of my life that it would be really hard to give it up. Since college is my next step, I want to bring all the memories with me as I pursue my career as an author.

I want to thank my coaches, my teammates, and everyone who has made sports at Everett High special. I’m becoming a better person now thanks to my amazing experiences from high school, and thanks to the beautiful lessons and moments from being a varsity track athlete at Everett High. 

Tony Thang

I am disappointed that our final season of track is cancelled. Although I wasn’t a part of the track team for four full years, it meant a lot to see my progress over time. I shifted from sprinting to long distance running and even took part in cross country my senior year. Spring season would have been where I could see my development as a runner, but now it feels wasted. Over the seasons I would see my mile time go down but now I won’t get to see my true race pace. I’ll likely still run in the future, but it’s not the same as competitively running with friends and rivals.

Ryan Vu

Being part of the athletic group at EHS has taught me many valuable lessons that will help me towards life and my future career. I was able to be appointed captain of the track & field team and being in the shoes of this role taught me how to be a leader.

But we aren’t just a team…we are a family. Many amazing memories were made with an amazing group of people and I’ll never forget seeing the improvements being made by each individual member. It’s devastating to have my last season taken away from me, the last time I would be able to run with my fellow teammates. I won’t be able to lead them in the direction where they can reach their fullest potential. But knowing them, they will be able to carry on the legacy of the EHS Track & Field team and I know that they will do great things in the near future. After all, without them, I wouldn’t have been able to be a captain. 

Isaac Lenescat

Having the opportunity to be a track athlete for all four years at Everett high school has been the best experience of my life by far. It all started as a freshman walking into winter track practice for the first time, not knowing what I’ve got myself into. I was a JV athlete for my freshman and sophomore years and a varsity athlete for my junior and senior year of winter track. 

In my first year in spring track, I was a junior, and I ended up being on the varsity team doing the triple jump event. I am proud that I had the chance to be a part of the track team for all these years. When I didn’t get the last season of my high school career, I was distraught, mostly because I had to cut my winter track season short due to my physical expiring and it was just my last year to shine, and I lost my senior year of track.

I am proud of what I’ve left with — friendships with my teammates and also with the fantastic coaches. I am going to UMass Lowell to continue my education in Premed and become a pediatrician in the future — and I’m going to miss the tremendous practices at Everett High and the fantastic chants.

Christian Simeon

Being an athlete while attending Everett High School was by far one of the best decisions I could have ever asked for. Having an amazing coach that tried his hardest to bring out the best in every single one of us mattered to me. Coach Cimea wasn’t ashamed to be real and honest — he pushed us during every practice and cheered us on during every meet. 

Joining track at the beginning of my freshman was something that I’ll always be thankful for. I was introduced to so many people and made an abundant amount of connections with each and every single one of them. Though the season was cut short and I never got to say my proper farewell to everyone on the team for everything, I am still grateful and happy that I was brought into an amazing and welcoming family who gifted me endless amounts of memories and experiences I’ll never forget. 

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