Rift Between Auger and Parker Not Related to Superintendent

Immediately following the vote for superintendent on Thursday night, a confrontation between Everett Teacher’s Union President Kim Auger and School Committeeman Frank Parker unfolded for everyone to see.

It got pretty heated, but according to both, it was not about the choice made by the Committee. Some had thought Auger preferred candidate Paul Toner – a former statewide teacher’s union leader – and that was the source of the conflict.

Not so, said Auger.

And she said the conflict has happened multiple times and might need to be taken to the next level.

“It was not about Priya at all,” she said. “I can work with her and am excited to do so. This is the second time (Parker) has tried to publicly harass and intimidate me. He confronted me and started swearing at me. I’m going to decide what I’ll do soon.”

Parker denied the allegations against him, and said he’s going to move forward.

“The allegations are not true,” he said.

Auger said Parker has confronted her one time at a political time earlier this fall, and now after Thursday’s meeting. She said on Thursday, they were trying to figure out who an unidentified man was at the meeting who was taking pictures. Parker had apparently talked to the man as well, and Auger said many in the audience thought he was from the Everett Education Coalition (EEC).

It turns out he was a WBUR Radio reporter there to cover the selection.

After the meeting, Auger said Parker yelled at her for looking into the matter, and for saying he was working with the EEC.

Parker, again, said all the allegations were not true.

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