Letter to the Editor

From Fire, New Life!

Dear Editor:

Saturday July 13, will mark one year since the three-alarm fire on Morris Street. Firefighter Josh Doyon and I were injured by the fire. Josh would have his ears treated for second-degree burns at MGH Boston. He would miss several months of work, while he healed. Fortunately because of his bravery and not leaving a fallen man behind, I am alive today. After Josh was able to douse the flames on his own body, he immediately realized I was not with him. He never hesitated to go back into the burning hallway and pull my burning body to safety.

 He was the first step in my rebirth. I would spend four weeks at MGH Boston enduring eight surgeries to repair the burns on my ears, arms, abdomen and hands. So many things have occurred since that hot Friday the 13th afternoon. One of the greatest things that happen was the outpouring of support and love from the citizens of Everett and many others from across our great country. Since that day I have received cards, letters and precious mementos from people I know and people I’ve never met. Because of all this you have helped me make it thru my darkest days, where I considered my new life a burden and not the blessing that is has become.

I will never be able to thank everyone for everything they have done, big or small. There are many people I believe they know who they are that I would like to name, but I won’t for fear of leaving someone out. Just know you are in my heart every day and night when I think back on what has happen and what could have happen that day and the days that followed. You have taken a tragedy and created a miracle. I now have a new purpose in life. I strive to become a better man, husband, father and grandfather because of all your love and kindness. I can continue my career as a better firefighter in Everett. I can look down at my scars and not allow them to bring me down no more. This is all because of you.

When I returned to my job at the Everett Fire Department now working in Fire Prevention I found myself interacting with the public on a more face to face encounter daily. At first when people would recognize me because of the news reports of the fire, I was slightly embarrassed or reluctant to accept their conversation. Now I use it as an opportunity to thank them personally for all the help our community has provided for my family and me. In closing thank you, thank you, and finally thank you. From fire, new life!


Scott A. Dalrymple

Everett Fire Department

A Wonderful Celebration

Dear Editor:

I want to give a big thanks to everyone who attended the City of Everett’s Independence Day Celebration on Sunday, July 7. We welcomed a crowd of over 7,000 people to Glendale Park to enjoy a day of food, activities, entertainment, and a grand finale fireworks show. All of the City workers and volunteers did an amazing job. I know they all appreciated having so many residents come out to join in the fun. It made all of the hard work worth every minute.

For the third year in a row, I was really excited to see fireworks for our Independence Day Celebration. They were pretty spectacular and I am glad we were able to continue this tradition in our community. I am happy that people from all over came and visited Everett and shared in the excitement and celebration of all that Everett is and is becoming.

Community celebrations, such as this one, are one of the reasons why Everett is one of the top ten places to live in Massachusetts. Everett is a place where we live, work, and celebrate together. Our community is so alive and vibrant. As Mayor, it has always been important for me to make sure that my administration offers a variety of programs, events, and opportunities for our residents and I greatly appreciate that so many people come out to enjoy these programs.

On behalf of all our residents, I would also like to thank all the community organizations that helped sponsor this year’s event, as well as all of our other activities. Without their help we would not be able to provide all that we do for our residents. Thank you to Schnitzer, Malden Transit, State-line Graphics, American Bread Co., Kelley & Ryan Associates, Oliveira’s Restaurant, Senior Whole Health, Honda Cars of Boston, Century Bank, KP Law, Beta Group Inc, Councilor John Hanlon, McKinnon’s, Market Basket, Kayem Foods, xfinity, Wheelabrator Technologies, and Costco.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria

City of Everett

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