Mayor Cancels Speech, Will Deliver ‘Virtual’ State of the City

Mayor Carlo DeMaria announced on Tuesday afternoon that he planned to forego his State of the City Address on April 25 and will instead give a virtual speech at some time in the future.

The confusing news came suddenly late on Tuesday and was confirmed by Council President Rich Dell Isola.

In an invitation prepared by the Mayor’s Office later on Tuesday, it was stated that the mayor had chosen to do a virtual broadcast instead of a live speech before the City Council.

“In order to reach the maximum amount of resident, we have changed the State of the City Address to a virtual broadcast to be viewed on ECTV On Demand, and via Facebook,” the invitation read. “This will allow all residents to watch and listen at their convenience, anytime, day or night.”

The date is to be announced soon but was not given in the invitation.

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