Rep. Joe McGonagle Joins Colleagues at ‘Saving by Shaving’ Event

Rep. Joe McGonagle (D–Everett) joined Governor Charlie Baker, colleagues from the State House, and several sports personalities in a fundraiser for cancer research on Wednesday, April 3. The event, “Saving by Shaving” raised $6.5 million for cancer research at Boston Children’s Hospital.

“I’m proud to join Governor Baker, my colleagues in the State House, and Big Papi in raising awareness and money for this very important cause,” said Rep. McGonagle. “All of us know and love someone who has or is currently battling cancer.”

Granite Telecommunications, the event’s biggest sponsor, donated $25,000 for every State Representative to shave their head, $500,000 for the Governor and another $500,000 for the local celebrities, including Boston sports legends David Ortiz and Ray Bourque, who also took part. Rob Hale, President and CEO of Granite Telecommunications, has hosted the event for each its six years in existence.

McGonagle added, “the more we can raise awareness and money to fund the vital research being done at places like Boston Children’s Hospital, the quicker we can alleviate the suffering of countless people.”

Representative McGonagle was joined by Representative David Muradian (R–Grafton), Representative Tim Whelan (R–Brewster), Representative Dan Hunt (D–Dorchester), Representative Michael Day (D–Stoneham), Representative Dan Cahill (D–Lynn), and Representative Paul Tucker (D–Salem). Other sports celebrities that participated included Patriots Hall of Famer Troy Brown, Red Sox President Sam Kennedy, and Patriot Joe Andruzzi.

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