Rep. McGonagle Announces Committee assignments

State Rep. Joe McGonagle announced his State House Committee assignments for the 191st General Session. Rep. McGonagle has been appointed as the Vice Chair on the Joint Committee on Housing, along with being appointed on the Joint Committee on Transportation and on Health Care Financing.

“Some of the biggest issues the City of Everett faces are housing, transportation, and healthcare. I couldn’t be more proud to be a member of these committees and enact real change in our community. This is where I belong,” said Rep. McGonagle. “Thank you to Speaker Robert DeLeo for entrusting me with these important matters,” McGonagle continued.

McGonagle provided the following statements on why each of these committees directly impacts the city of Everett:

•Vice Chair on the Joint Committee on Housing — This position is important because the #1 issue that my constituents always ask me about is access to affordable housing. As Vice Chair, I will work closely with Chairman Kevin Honan and make sure that we continue to make strides for affordable housing in Everett — Last year, we fought to pass the $1.8 Billion Dollar Housing Bond Bill, which was a step into making this a reality. I look forward to advocating for more affordable housing in Everett.

• Joint Committee on Transportation — I am committed to reducing traffic on the 99 highway and make public transportation in Everett more accessible. Public transportation is key to our growing economy and is pertinent in light of the new casino being built. I am excited to continue to work with Transportation Secretary Pollack to improve efficiency and accessibility along our region.

•Joint Committee Health Care Financing — I am eager to work on making sure prescription drug prices are more affordable to our elderly population. This committee is important because over 37 percent of Massachusetts’ state spending — approximately $17 billion dollars —  is allocated to healthcare each year. I am committed to making sure that this money is being used to the fullest extent and to serve the people of Everett.

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