Many Confused Over Foresteire’s Appearances After Put on Leave

To say some were shocked is an understatement.

Less than 24 hours after former Supt. Fred Foresteire had been put on leave by the School Committee in a tension-filled meeting on Dec. 17, there he was at the annual Everett High Christmas Concert the following day.

Many said it was as if nothing had happened the day before.

While there is nothing illegal about coming to a school event while being put on administrative leave, it is customary for the person on leave to only do so if it is, personally, a very important event. It is also customary to inform the School Committee and get permission before attending.

That did not happen, some School Committee members said.

Several people apparently voiced their discomfort with the suspended superintendent being at a school event and sitting in the front row like he would normally do.

City officials said they informed Foresteire the next day that he was not to be an any further school events.

However, around noon on Wednesday, Foresteire came to Everett High again for a college football letter of intent signing ceremony. Everett star athlete Mike Sainristil was pledging to attend and play football for the University of Michigan. Tons of media were in attendance, and so was Foresteire, who took pictures with the Sainristil family and, again, seemed to act as if nothing had occurred two days prior.

City officials and at least one School Committee members said it wasn’t proper and they would be asking him to seek permission before attending any further school events.

However, school has closed for the winter break, and only a wrestling match has been held in Everett. There are no further school events during the break except for some sports activities.

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