Exxon Building Buyer to Propose Luxury Apartments on Bow Street

Lower Broadway continues to be less and less like ‘The Line’ and more and more like the place to be, as this week Attorney Paul DeLorey said one of his clients has purchased the old Exxon office building on Beacham Street and is preparing to propose 50 units of luxury housing.

Andreas Tsitos, of Malden, is in the process of drawing up plans and meeting preliminarily with the City to build a 50-unit apartment building on the site of the former Exxon Mobile administrative offices, 30 Beacham St.

“It’s a very nice plan and includes lots of green space and roof decks with great views of Boston,” said DeLorey.

The plans supposedly include retaining a portion of the old building, which has been vacant for many years, and adding floors on to the top of it.

He said his client is likely not to be ready to go through the official public process until next summer.

Public records show that Tsitos purchased the property in Sept. 2017 from the Veroudakis Trust for $925,000.

Tsitos has reported also purchased the old Metropolitan building on Bow Street and also a building on the corner of Beacham Street and Broadway, though that could not be confirmed immediately by public record.

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