Everett Officials Attend Mystic River Champions Breakfast

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and Representative Joe McGonagle were happy to join Mass DCR Commissioner, Leo Roy, Executive Director of Mystic River Watershed, Patrick Herron, and other officials and community members at the Mystic River Champions Breakfast.

Mayor DeMaria stated, “The Malden and Mystic Rivers are a hidden gem in the City of Everett. Working with our partners at the Mystic River Watershed Association, we can open up access to the river, create recreational opportunities and encourage development along the river, which will compliment those activities. Now is both a critical time for the river and for our community.”

The event celebrated the generous municipality and corporate support received to date and provided an opportunity to share work underway to protect the Mystic River Watershed.

The Mystic River Watershed Association is helping the DeMaria administration gain access to Everett’s waterfront and build a greenway system that will improve quality of life and provide recreational opportunities for years to come.

The Mayor and Patrick Herron share a common vision of creating recreational opportunities and adding additional green space to the Malden and Mystic Rivers. The Mayor’s administration is currently working with the Friends of the Malden River, the Mystic River Watershed Association, and MIT to examine increasing recreational opportunities on the river.

Patrick Herron stated, “I want to thank Mayor DeMaria for his leadership in raising awareness to both the Mystic and Malden Rivers and his efforts to bring his community to the rivers. Both on the environmental and recreational efforts the Mayor has become a champion.”

DeMaria stressed that he will continue to work with private property owners, non-profit organizations, state agencies and municipal partners to make this river way an asset for all of us.

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