School Committee Approves $76 Million Educational Budget for FY ’19

A new school budget approved by the School Committee will likely result in the cutting of 98 positions unless additional funding becomes available – despite the fact that the City has given over and above by more than $6 million what is required as a minimum by the state.

The Everett School Committee voted on Monday night to approve a fiscal 2019 spending plan of $76,680,955 for the upcoming 2019 fiscal year, not including $4,700,000 for Special Education transportation costs.

With the SPED transportation figure the total budget for schools would be $81,380,955.

Despite the approval of the budget by the School Committee Monday night, Assistant Superintendent of Schools Charles Obremski noted that without additional funding becoming available, the schools will likely lose 98 positions, currently not covered in the proposed bottom-line budget.

Prior to the meeting Monday night, Obremski said the proposed budget is in line with the funding proposed in Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s FY 2019 budget for the City of Everett, including $6.5 million in spending over the state’s mandatory minimum contribution of $28,814,865.

Obremski also said the proposed budget includes no raises for teachers or other employees of the school system and noted that the School Department is currently in contract negotiations with the teacher’s union.

According to the FY 2019 School Budget presentation made by the school administration to the Committee, the budget is reflective of the city’s contribution of $35,314,865 and state Chapter 70 aid for education in the amount of $66,440,961, minus the city’s chargebacks for employee healthcare, benefits and other costs, which total $25,074,871.

Other costs charged to the schools by the city include usage fees for the Everett Memorial Stadium, Board of Health costs, and a percentage of administration costs (40.8%) associated with the Auditor, Budget, Treasurer, Purchasing and Personnel offices. It also includes costs of insuring all school buildings and the costs associated with having School Resource officers in the Everett schools.

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