Exceptional Performance:Everett High School STEM Club Earns National Honors

There was a reason that Everett High Stem Club Advisor Anna Seiders and Everett High Principal Erick Naumann were beaming with pride at the Everett School Committee meeting Monday night at the school library.

Back Row:Jason Cardinale, Gustavo Agular, Mr Claudy St Juste, Evan Dupuis, Marcus Solletti, Joshua Powers, Lucas Bermudez,David Meninger, Ahmed Alananzeh,Samuel Moraes, Adalberto De Souza, and Isaac Lenescat. Middle row: STEM Club advisor Ms. Anna Seiders, Lyanne Murphy, Fiorella Ventura, Eva Charbonnier, Rahnuma Aroshi, Christian Simeon, Chloe Lewis, Melisa Demaku,
and Cleucilayne Soares. In front are Ashley Erazo, Emilee Guzman, and Natalie Huynh.

Supt. Frederick Foresteire and his fellow administrators also clearly shared in the proudness as the students in the EHS STEM Club were recognized for their superlative effort in a national academic competition.

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Club, under the advisorship of Seiders, took third place overall in a national competition last weekend among 180 schools in the United States. Everett also took first place in community leadership, first place in robotics, and second place in engineering design.

Fifty students are enrolled in the STEM Club at the high school. Twenty-two of those students competed in the nationals.

The high finish was a continuation of Everett’s success at the nationals. Last year Everett High School won the national championship in the competition.

“We’re here tonight to thank the School Committee for giving us the opportunity to go to the nationals and to showcase the work that these students have put in over the past year,” said Seiders, a STEM teacher and a graduate of Purdue University.

Why has Everett become a national model in the STEM subject areas?

Seiders said many of the STEM Club members are students in Everett High’s STEM Academy, “so they’re learning about engineering and robotics in the classroom every day and that gives them the edge to beat out other schools where students don’t have the same opportunities.”

Naumann said students such as those in the STEM Club make it a joy to come to school each day.

“It’s an unbelievable accomplishment,” said Naumann. “It makes it so easy to come to school when we have students that can perform like that. We have wonderful teachers that guided out students to that point, so it’s an amazing feeling. I can’t describe the feeling when you see students from Everett competing nationally with some of those schools.”

Naumann said that EHS teachers Nancy Cianchetta, Anna Seiders, and Erik Maloy, along with teacher Corey Cheever, have worked diligently to grow the STEM program. “This is a tribute to the work they have done,” said Naumann.

Everett High senior Jason Cardinale, a member of the STEM Club, will be studying mechanical engineering at Columbia University, having received an academic scholarship to the prestigious Ivy League institution.

“Everett High School provided the opportunities to take classes related to engineering and advanced classes such as AP Calculus and AP Physics and it’s really helped my education.”

The STEM Club has been a perfect showcase for Cardinale’s proficiency in the sciences.

“The club gave me the opportunity to do the thing that I love,” said Cardinale. “I would usually go home and work in robotics, but the club has allowed me to showcase that skill during the school year and at competitions. Ms. Seiders is a great teacher and club advisor. She has really helped me stay on task and guided me through my science projects.”

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