Upcoming State Representative Race

Usually, local state elective races are quiet except when the current office holder leaves office. However, in Everett this year, that is not the case.

In September, voters will get to choose among three candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for State Representative.

Unlike a municipal election, only the top vote getter will be nominated and for all intents will be the state representative as there probably will be no Independent or Republican party candidate to run against in November.

The three certified candidates seeking the nomination in September are well known to local voters.  They included the current State Representative Joseph McGonagle, the former State Representative Stephen Smith and Gerly Adrien who ran in 2016 for this seat.

In the next four months,  voters should ask their questions to the candidates about their views and positions on matters at the State House.

The role of state government has changed tremendously since the passage of Proposition 2 ½  in 1980.  The role of a state representative has changed from voting on measures that were more state-wide oriented to matters such as state funding for local schools, roads and parks to how many state dollars a city like Everett can receive to help fund services for police and fire or maintenance of open spaces.

We encourage the voters to ask the tough questions of these candidates as they see them out campaigning.  And remember, that the candidate who wins the primary will probably receive less than 50 percent of the vote.

One can expect that the summer temperatures will not be the only hot goings on in Everett this summer.

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