The Beautification Program Brightens Our Community

In 2008, when Mayor Carlo DeMaria was elected to his first term, the Mayor and First Lady, Stacy DeMaria, established the City of Everett’s Beautification Program. Over the past 10 years, City’s traffic islands, median strips, parks, and open spaces have been transformed into vibrant landscapes. The Beautification Program has grown to include a citywide Banner Program, in collaboration with the Everett Chamber of Commerce, and an annual Earth Day cleanup that was held this past Saturday.

Mayor DeMaria said, “I would like to thank my wife, Stacy, for her continued dedication to our City, and for the wonderful example she sets in making Everett a better and more beautiful place to live. From our street poles decorated with lovely hanging flowers to the beautifully restored Shute Library, Stacy has left her personal touch on our community.”

Even before being elected, the Mayor and Mrs. DeMaria discussed the importance of community appearance as a tool to improve home values, entice business investment, and overall progress of the neighborhood reputation. As First Lady, Stacy DeMaria, considered it her responsibility as a resident of Everett to develop and pursue initiatives that enhances the quality of life for city residents and the visitor experience.

Mrs. DeMaria took charge of the beautification initiative, working with departments such as the Inspectional Services Department, Department of Public Works, Planning and Development, and the Massachusetts’ Department of Conservation and Recreation. Mrs. DeMaria stated, “With a team effort, especially that of the Mayor, the Department of Public Works, and other departments, we have made great progress, but we are not done, we will always strive for Everett to be the best it can be.”

The Mayor and First Lady recognized the need for improvement throughout the City and wanted to create a sense of public pride in public spaces and motivation in the beautification process. Mrs. DeMaria added, that living in a beautiful community has a direct connection to a person’s happiness.

For more information or to donate, please contact the Mayor’s Office at 617-394-2270.

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