Former Councilor Chosen as New Council Legislative Aide

Former City Councilor Mike Mangan received eight votes and the blessing of the City Council to be the next legislative aide to the body, that coming after the retirement of the long-time aid recently.

The other two candidates, Joetta Lynn Yutkins and David Flood, each received one vote apiece.

Three candidates were forwarded to the Council for presentations on Monday night during the regular meeting. Yutkins, Mangan and Flood all gave five-minute presentations to the Council about their qualifications and desire to be the next legislative aide.

“I’m going to be the person that will go above and beyond,” said Mangan. “If anyone calls me on a Saturday to say they need a Council citation, I’m going to come up here and do it…The biggest thing is discretion. The person in this position has to be discreet, non-political and stay out of everyone’s business.”

Yutkins talked about her attention to detail, and how she started with the Boston Red Sox and worked her way up to more responsibility.

“I believe my qualifications and skills are right for this position,” she said. “I thrive when given a challenge.”

Flood spoke about being a resident for more than 50 years and having become very active in City business some years ago. A programmer by trade, he said when information from the City began coming online, he began to take a deep interest in the City’s laws, ordinances and regulations – making him a perfect candidate for the job.

“Because of my interest and my activities with the City, this is a dream job for me at this point in my life,” he said.

Councilors took a vote, and Mangan got eight votes. Mangan left the Council about 18 months ago to pursue other opportunities. A Council member must be one-year removed from service to take another City position.

Council President Peter Napolitano voted for Flood, and Councilor Wayne Matewsky voted for Yutkins.

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