Members of the Joint Committees on Ways and Means in Everett

Sen. Sal DiDomenico once again brought members of the Joint Committees on Ways and Means to Everett for a public hearing on the Governor’s budget proposal for the Fiscal Year 2018. The hearing was held on Tuesday, March 19, at 10 a.m. at Everett High School, and was one of eight hearings taking place across the state to aid legislators in the development of the state budget.

Each year the Joint Committee on Ways and Means holds a series of hearings to give government officials the opportunity to testify before the legislators who draft their budget recommendations.  As Assistant Majority Leader of the Massachusetts Senate and a member of the Senate Committee on Ways & Means, Sen. DiDomenico was responsible for deciding where to hold one of these public hearings, and this is the fifth time that he has brought this important discussion to Everett High School.

“It was a pleasure to once again bring the members of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means to Everett for our public hearing,” said Sen, DiDomenico. “I am also proud to have my colleague, Everett’s Representative Joe McGonagle as a co-chair for this hearing. Each year, I receive wonderful reviews from members of the Legislature regarding how impressive the Everett students and faculty are, and I was thrilled to once again show them why Everett’s Schools are Everett’s Pride.  The student ambassadors, musicians, and culinary arts team always shine and make this event a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.  I would like to thank Superintendent Fred Foresteire, the Everett School Department and Principal Erick Naumann for graciously welcoming the committee to Everett High School again, and for all their help in making this hearing a success yet again.”

Rep. McGonagle added “In addition to showcasing Everett High School’s outstanding students and programs, we were able to hear some very specific information on proposals for the FY19 State budget.  I am strongly advocating for Everett as a location for a State career center which among other things would help to retrain workers for jobs in today’s new economy – health care, biopharmaceuticals, and other emerging industries”.

Each Ways and Means hearing is focused on a particular subject such as education and local aid, environment and energy, and health and human services. The hearing in Everett covered economic development, housing, and labor and workforce development. Secretariats and representatives from the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation, Labor and Workforce Development, Libraries, Massachusetts Cultural Council, Cannabis Control Commission, and the Commission on the Status of Women offered testimony.

Sen. Sal DiDomenico served as Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means for over three years, and was recently elevated by Senate President Harriette Chandler to serve as Assistant Majority Leader. With his promotion, he has also maintained his membership of the powerful budget writing committee.

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