Former Candidate Gerly Adrien Pulls Papers for Second Run at State Rep

Former state representative candidate Gerly Adrien has pulled nomination papers to run again for the Everett state legislative seat.

Adrien ran an organized and effective campaign two years ago as a newcomer, but wasn’t able to beat incumbent State Rep. Joe McGonagle in the end.

She said she had not intended to run again, and had told that to McGonagle in the past, but recently said she changed her mind. Now, she’s put her hat back in the ring for another run.

“I had said about six months ago I wasn’t going to run,” she said. “However, I noticed my heart was still tugging towards this because I attended community meetings and people still had the same questions. Everett is getting more diverse and we need someone who knows what it’s like on both sides and who is accessible and reachable. My family immigrated to this country and I grew up here. I’ve worked in the non-profit sector and in the private sector. I believe I understand every story Everett has and I can be the person who will be an effective, accessible leader.”

To start things off, Adrien said she will begin this campaign on a listening tour every Saturday during the month of March and the first week of April. After listening to the residents, she will have a kick-off for her campaign officially.

“I’m going around the City and I’m going to take the time to listen,” she said. “Afterwards, I’m going to launch the campaign and share what I learned and what I plan to do about it.”

Adrien said she did learn that she needs to be more visible and really get to know people. Though she grew up in Everett, she said she didn’t share the experiences of going to Everett Public Schools like others did, as she went to all Catholic schools. That, she said, was a lesson learned.

“I think in every situation like that there  is a lesson learned,” she said. “I grew up in Everett, but didn’t go to Everett Public Schools. Everyone has the traditional experience here of playing football or doing cheerleading. I played basketball and went to Catholic schools in Somerville and Medford. I found many people didn’t know me and didn’t have a chance to get comfortable with me. I’m going to be a little more visible in this campaign. This time, I think people are going to get to know me a lot better.”

Some of her early issues include fighting for a fairer school funding formula, fighting for the $15 minimum wage and equal pay for women, and finding solutions to crime and gun violence plus criminal justice reform.

The Democratic Primary Election is Tuesday, Sept. 4.

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