St Therese Church Site Back with Revised Condos on Gledhill

The Everett Planning Board will oversee a packed agenda for its Feb. 5 meeting at City Hall – with a new proposal coming back from The Neighborhood Developers (TND) for six condo units on Gledhill Avenue.

The TND proposal is for the larger St. Therese Church site on Broadway, and it was debated late last year amongst the City’s boards. Now, the Planning Board will take up a new proposal for the townhouses, which were removed from the overall project last year.

The six, affordable townhouse condos are now going to be owned by an association and not individually.

“The townhouses will be owned as condos, with a condo association owning the property, rather than as six individual properties as TND earlier proposed,” said Aaron Wasserman of TND. “Their design is very similar to the earlier proposal. They will be still be marketed and sold to reach the middle of Everett’s market — for families that earn between $78,000 and $115,000 per year.

“There are rarely opportunities for such homes, particularly new construction, in Everett, and TND wants to serve this market with well-built, right-priced homes,” he continued.

The project has received the vocal support of Mayor Carlo DeMaria, who wrote an op-ed in support of the condos and the overall project at the vacant St. Therese Church.

  • Another interesting tidbit at the Planning Board’s Feb. 5 meeting is the revelation at the popular store Five Below will be locating in the Gateway Mall.

The Planning Board will only be reviewing the signage for the new store, but filings indicated it would take the place of Famous Footwear.

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