Napolitano Elected to President Role Unanimously

By Seth Daniel

Councilor Peter Napolitano was unanimously elected the new Council President at a short meeting held on Jan. 3, following the Inaugural ceremonies at Everett High School.

Councilor John Hanlon nominated him, and that was seconded by former Council President Anthony DiPierro.

“Over the last four years, we’ve had a great Council and Peter has gotten along with all of us,” said Hanlon. “I know Councilor Napolitano will lead us in the same direction.”

DiPierro said he believes Napolitano will be able to handle the Council business well.

“The days of becoming a Council President and just managing the meetings are over,” he said. “I know you have a full agenda.”

Napolitano gained an 11-0 vote on the first round.

He said he became a councilor in 1999 after being a frustrated business owner in Everett Square. He said he has always been a champion of eliminating the old bi-cameral system and reforming the City Charter – issues that were not usually popular.

“This is our third session since the change and our fifth president,” he said. “We have worked faster and more efficiently than ever before…Though our approaches may differ, our goal is to move the City forward.”

Following Napolitano’s election, the Council voted 11-0 to re-appoint John Burley as the Clerk of Committees for 2018-2019.

He has been the clerk for the past 24 years.

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