Enjoy A Happy and Safe Halloween

Although mischief and vandalism on Halloween has been on the decline in recent years compared to what the parents and grandparents of today’s youngsters experienced in the past, it still is incumbent on every parent to make sure that their children — especially teenagers — do not engage in lawless activity and are home at a reasonable hour.

Halloween does not give parents a reprieve from the duties and responsibilities of being a parent, nor does it give youngsters carte blanche to be rowdy and mischievous — treats, yes, but tricks, no.

As for the adults among us, we urge that those who will be attending Halloween parties this weekend do so safely, which generally means not drinking to excess. If you are going to an adult party, either have a designated driver or call Uber.

Drunk-driving arrests reportedly are down by 20 percent across the country (though drunk-driving accidents have not declined by as much), and many see Uber, Lyft, and other such services as the reason, especially among Millennials.

So have fun on Halloween, but please do so safely, both for yourselves and your loves ones — which means no drinking and driving.

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