Return of Ragucci: Former Mayor Named Assistant City Clerk

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

Former Mayor David Ragucci was named the city’s new Assistant City Clerk Monday night, following a unanimous vote of the Everett City Council.

Ragucci emerged last week as the favored candidate after the Council subcommittee on Legislative Affairs and Elections interviewed five of six applicants in Executive Session, with the help of City Clerk Sergio Cornelio.

Following the closed-door interviews, the Legislative Affairs Committee voted to put forward just one name to the full Council for consideration. That name was David Ragucci.

“The minutes of the Executive Session still have not been voted to be made public,” explained Cornelio, who took part in the interviews. “It was the committee’s decision to put forward Mr. Ragucci as the preferred candidate. . .I am comfortable that he will do a very good job for the city.”

That vote in and of itself did not end the possibility that another candidate could have been named. Under the Charter, any member of the Council has a right to nominate any individual for the position, once nominations are opened on the Council floor.

However, in this case, the Council chose to follow the recommendation of the subcommittee, and Ragucci was the only nominee to be considered on Monday night.

Ragucci’s political career in the city spans decades, as he served as an alderman prior to being elected mayor. Following his tenure as Mayor, Ragucci became the Town Administrator in Stoneham, were he served for nearly a decade. However, that all came to a bit of a controversial end when in the spring of 2016 the Town Council in Stoneham chose not to renew his contract. In June 2016, he left that position.

Earlier this year, the former mayor pulled papers to run as an at-large councilor, and indicated to the Independent that he was a serious candidate. However, that didn’t pan out and he withdrew his name before signatures were due for the at-large race. Some have postulated it was a ploy to gain leverage over the Council in order to get an edge on the assistant city clerk position, but members of the Council have said on background that isn’t the case.

So it appeared on Monday night, as Ragucci appeared grateful to return to Everett City Hall at the behest of the Council.

In nominating Ragucci for the position, City Councilor Michael McLaughlin spoke glowingly of Ragucci’s career in public service.

“I am honored to nominate a man who I have admired for most of my life,” said McLaughlin.

Upon being appointed by the Council, a modest Ragucci thanked the members before taking the oath of office from his new boss, Cornelio.

“Thank you very much for having the confidence and faith in me to appoint me to this position,” said Ragucci. “I promise I will not let you down.”

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