Results Revealed:Regional Working Group for Sullivan Square to Unveil Findings on Sept 25

By Seth Daniel

After more than a year of study and months of public meetings and forums, the Lower Mystic Regional Working Group will present its findings at a forum in Assembly Row on Sept. 25.

The Group is the brainchild of the State’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and came out of the environmental review of the Wynn Boston Harbor Casino. After the casino’s approval, the Group formed and began to be led by State Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack.

The Group has taken on many stakeholders and municipalities from Charlestown, Boston, Everett and Somerville to formulate a long-term transportation and development plan for the Sullivan Square/Rutherford/Lower Broadway and Assembly Square areas.

“At the September 25 forum, we’ll share our analysis so far and get your thoughts,” read a letter from the Group to the public. “We’ll ask you which Lower Mystic area transportation needs are the most urgent, what you think could be built, and what policies could be put in place. Your feedback will help us help judge the scenarios we have studied and understand what is most important to local communities.”

So far, the Group said it has looked at 10 different combinations of infrastructure and policy changes, some of which have been discussed in public meetings and small group meetings in Everett this year.

Improvements include new and refined public transportation options, roadway infrastructure improvements, new bicycle and pedestrian amenities, and policies to encourage multimodal travel.

“Some of these options came directly from what we heard from the community over the fall and winter,” read the letter. “An overview of potential funding options is also being studied.”

The meeting will take place in the new Partners’ Healthcare building (399 Revolution Drive) in Assembly Row, with an open house format beginning at 5:45 p.m. and a formal presentation/discussion at 6:30 p.m.

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