House Reaffirms Commitment to Education, Safety and Health Care Funding

Rep. Joseph McGonagle and his colleagues in the House recently took action to restore vital funding that was vetoed by the Baker Administration.

These veto overrides will enhance support for the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable residents, including those with dependent children, and bolster education initiatives.

The House voted to restore about $220 million in funding for MassHealth, including $209 million for caseloads, as well as funding for senior care and nursing home supplemental rates. The veto overrides also addressed funding for prostate cancer and pediatric palliative care.

“As elected officials, it is our duty to stand up for the voiceless and vulnerable,” said House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo (D-Winthrop). “I thank my colleagues in the House for their extraordinary work to help those most in need while maintaining a responsible, balanced budget.”

“I would like to thank the Speaker and his leadership team for their compassion with these veto overrides. Restoring these programs will enhance a better quality of life for all Everett residents,” said Representative Joseph McGonagle.

The House took numerous steps to support vulnerable populations and children including funds for:

  • Unaccompanied homeless youth
  • Samaritans suicide prevention services
  • The Chelsea Soldiers’ Home
  • Employment training for young adults with disabilities
  • Down Syndrome clinics
  • Aging with development disabilities programming

The House has been a longstanding champion of early education and care (EEC) and in this year’s budget made unprecedented investments to support the workforce, provide access to high-quality learning opportunities, and help prevent and detect mental health issues in young children. The House overrode the Governor’s veto of $1.25 million for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Services. The House also voted to restore funding for numerous other education programs and institutions including:

  • Public higher education
  • Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Program
  • Computer science education
  • Programs for English language learners in Gateway Cities

The House also voted to restore funding for essential safety initiatives including the Department of Fire Services and the Boston Regional Counter-Terrorism Center.

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