Earth Day Clean-Up

By: Mayor Carlo DeMaria

I was proud to join almost two hundred residents and friends this past Saturday for the 2017 Earth Day volunteer cleanup of the Northern Strand Community Trail bike path. I remain truly humbled and excited by the number of residents, local officials, non-profit organizations, businesses, volunteer groups and municipal employees who joined together to improve one of Everett’s great recreational amenities. We are so fortunate to have a strong, diverse community that cares about our environment and is willing to translate that care into an investment of their time and energy. Everett’s portion of the multi-city bike path has quickly become one of the best sections of the Northern Strand Community Trail.

I was particularly happy to see the commitment of our business community. As I worked beside dozens of volunteers from companies like Wynn and Suffolk Construction, their dedication to civic engagement within our City was evident through their hard work and enthusiasm. There was no stopping them. Their work ethic and commitment truly made a difference.

I would also specifically like to thank Derenzo Construction and Schnitzer Northeast for removing almost a mile of dangerous, rusty, old chain link fence, which opened up greater access and visibility to the trail.

I was heartened to see so many young students volunteering. It was evident that these young adults have a strong work ethic and responsibility, and with these qualities I have no doubt that their futures are very bright.

From children to elders to everyone in between, residents and friends from all parts of Everett and beyond quickly got to work and got their hands dirty. They removed debris, painted over graffiti, prepared gardens for the summer months, and helped improve our quality of life here in our city.

I know a majority of us were probably sore on Sunday, but let me tell you, as Mayor, I am proud of the work that was accomplished. We came together as a community, on a particularly cold and rainy spring day, to make sure that we maintain a quality path that is accommodating to a multitude of users. This path connects our community to significant destinations and brings increased economic vitality, improved quality of life, and better community health outcomes by providing easy access to physical activity.

A city is only as strong as its people and the approximately 200 volunteers undoubtedly demonstrated our vibrancy and strength together. Once again, thank you to all for volunteering for our Earth Day Clean up. Your work and dedication certainly did not go unnoticed and I truly appreciate it not only as Mayor, but also as a resident of the City of Everett.

Carlo DiMaria is Mayor Everett

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