Everett Native’s 100th Birthday

When Mona Jean Whittier Somerville of Everett was born, women could not vote. 100 years later, she proudly cast her ballot in one of the most contentious presidential elections of her lifetime. She also spent her 100th year going through a sort of bucket list of local activities. She watched the Boston Pops play on the Esplanade. She traveled to New York to see the blockbuster Hamilton. She had a front row seat when the Christmas tree lit up at Fanuel Hall, celebrated Rosie the Riveter at the Charlestown Navy Shipyard, and won a dance contest at the Topsfield Fair. Saturday, February 11th at Montvale Plaza in Stoneham, 170 of Mona Jeane’s friends and relatives will gather as she’s presented with a certificate from the State Senate commemorating her 100th birthday, a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol, and letter from Senator Ed Markey.

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