Voters Should Pay Attention to the Four Ballot Questions

On November 8, Massachusetts voters will go to the polls to elect a new President of the United States as well as  other state and county positions on the ballot.

However, voters need to pay attention to the four ballot questions that will have an effect on the Commonwealth in general.

Voters should consider checking off their opinion on all four questions.

This article is not in endorsement of a Yes or No but an encouragement for voters to make a decision on the questions that are as follows:

Question 1

The Expanded Gaming Initiative would allow the Gaming Commission to issue an additional slots license.

Question 2

The Increase Access to Public Charter Schools Initiative would authorize the approval of up to 12 new charter schools or enrollment expansions in existing charter schools by the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education per year.

Question 3

The Farm Animal Containment Initiative would prohibit certain methods of farm animal containment.

Question 4

The Marijuana Legalization Initiative would legalize recreational marijuana for individuals at least 21 years old.

We encourage our readers to visit for the 2016 Ballot questions along with the pros and cons of each. As the election nears, the state typically publishes overviews of each question, with an explanation of exactly what “Yes” and “No” responses mean for each question.  Many people bring a prepared checklist of their answers into the voting booth because some questions are confusing as worded.

The outcome of each of these questions will truly affect the lives of residents in our community.

1 comment for “Voters Should Pay Attention to the Four Ballot Questions

  1. Danceswithdachshunds
    October 27, 2016 at 7:33 am

    #3 is nothing but an example of corruption of state government by a lunatic NATIONAL advocacy group! If they get away with it for chicken you can be certain they will go for milk in future elections getting support from MA solons again for even more revenue enhancement.

    Mark my words … these will happen if #3 passes –

    1. The price of eggs and chicken will skyrocket enough for people within ~20 miles of NH, VT, NY, CT and RI to have even more reason to leave MA to do their grocery shopping if chicken or eggs are on their list. (People already on the border of some of those states do it to avoid the egregious tax on things like paper products which includes paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates, cotton balls, etc. as well as a tax on store cooked food, party platters, sandwiches, etc.)

    2. A majority of small egg/chicken farms in MA, mostly family owned, will fold up and go out of business. Real estate barons are 100% for #3, they are licking their chops to buy up farm land for condo development!

    3. Poor people, who tend to eat more chicken and eggs, will suffer because a much higher percentage of them cannot go to another state to shop.

    We already have laws against animal cruelty and state inspectors to make sure the laws are obeyed so the net effect of question #3 is simple; it comes down to a tax on food.

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