Council Debates Slaughterhouse Proposal for Fresh Meat Producer on Parkway Draws Opposition

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

Monday night’s sparsely attended Council meeting did draw about a half-dozen people who voiced their opposition to a proposed slaughterhouse on Revere Beach Parkway, near Second Street.

SABA Live Poultry, which may be related to fresh poultry dealers of the same name in California, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, told the council the business plans to have live animals kept and cared for on its premises at 1934 Revere Beach Parkway, for customers to purchase and have butchered for them right away.

However, councilors were not immediately clear that city ordinances would allow such a business to operate and at least seven residents stood to speak out against the proposal citing smells from dead animals, treatment of the animals in captivity and the city’s efforts to improve its image among other reasons why the business should not be allowed to open in Everett.

Councilor Michael McLaughlin proposed sending the matter to a Council of the Whole for a subcommittee hearing to get answers to questions the councilors had. That motion was ultimately approved 6-5 and will be scheduled in the coming weeks.

However, Councilor Wayne Matewsky tried to convince his fellow councilors to forego the hearing and just vote to kill the project Monday, based on community opposition and its relative location near to proposed new hotels and other developments that he suggested would not want to have a slaughterhouse next door.

Councilor Fred Capone argued that his and the Council’s general lack of knowledge about the proposed enterprise, coupled with the proponents right to a full and fair hearing would require the Council to at least send the issue to committee to be fully vetted.

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