Planning Board Approves Luxury Apartment Complex for Parkway

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

Batch Yard developer Post Road Residential won a key approval from the Everett Planning Board Monday night, as they seek to follow their success in developing the former Charlestown Chew building, with another monstrous luxury apartment complex, this time on Revere Beach Parkway, at the former site of Boston Harley Davidson.

According to Inspectional Services Director James Soper, developer Andrew Montelli’s Post Road Residential group had already won approval of the Zoning Board of Appeals, when he met with the Planning Board on Monday.

The Planning Board’s subsequent approval of the new development effectively clears the way for Montelli and Post Road to begin construction within the next few months.

Soper told the Independent that the proposal includes development of more than 280 new luxury apartment units, all with high-end finishes and building amenities such as indoor swimming pools and more.

“The building is going to be beautiful,” said Soper following the meeting. “People will be really impressed with what they are planning to do down there.”

Council refers new ordinances to Planning Board

The Everett City Council on Monday also had planning issues on the agenda, as they referred a pair of zoning ordinance amendments to the Planning Board for their review and recommendation.

The first ordinance seeks to create an allowance for temporary parking facilities, which can be used by workers on major construction projects, such as the Wynne development and other new development that comes to the city, during the time that construction is occurring.

The second ordinance would amend the zoning code as it relates to the Commercial Triangle area along Revere Beach Parkway and backing up toward the commuter rail lines south of the parkway.

As new zoning amendments, the two new measures will be reviewed and deliberated by the Planning Board, before they are sent back to the Council with a recommendation. The Council has the authority to adopt or deny the proposed changes.

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