Ragucci Would be Interested in Serving his Hometown Once Again

By Seth Daniel

Former Mayor David Ragucci, now the Stoneham Town Manager, did not have his contract renewed last week by that Town’s Board of Selectman, and this week he said he would be interested to hear how he might be able to help his hometown of Everett.

Ragucci left his post as mayor in 2006, and began serving as the Town Manager in Stoneham about nine years ago. In a decision made public last week, the Stoneham Selectmen reported that they had chosen not to renew Ragucci’s contract for another three years.

He will serve through June 30, and after that he said he has no immediate plans. However, the former mayor still lives in Everett and has been seen in and around events in the city over the last year.

And he said he could be interested in serving the City in some fashion once again.

“I’m still focused up here on Stoneham issues right now,” he said. “I really don’t have any plans after June 30 when I leave here. I’m relieved to be leaving here. I’ve been at work up here 9-plus years and I think we’ve done a good job. As far as going back to Everett, it’s the City I grew up in and where I still live. If there’s some way I can help the City I love, I’d be interested in hearing how. I have no immediate plans right now though. I plan to take the summer off and think about what my plans will be after that.”

Rumors have been flying all over Everett for some time about the former mayor, who is still viewed very positively here and enjoys a good relationship with current City leaders.

Some have postulated that he could find a place at the Everett Housing Authority. Others have postulated he might be able to help in a post at City Hall.

Nothing has been discussed or decided, however. Ragucci said he had no knowledge of any positions and stressed he had no plans right now.

At least one city councilor, upon hearing the news in Stoneham, said he would welcome Ragucci back into the fold.

“I strongly support any appointment of former Mayor Ragucci by both Mayor DeMaria and the Everett City Council,” said Councilor Michael McLaughlin. “Dave brings a lifetime of helping people. Our City can only benefit by having him back in Everett working on behalf of the residents.”

Ragucci was mayor of Everett from 1998 to 2006. He graduated Everett High School in 1976.

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