No Better Place than Stewart’s Pub for St Pat’s

By Katy Rogers

As a local favorite, many anticipate celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at Stewart’s Pub on the corner of Elm Street and Jefferson Avenue on Thursday, March 17, and throughout the weekend.

Stewart’s takes pride in being the only Irish Bar in the city of Everett, and has become a well-known destination for its delicious home-cooked meals to compliment their wine, beer, and spirits. The bar has successfully attracted regulars and newcomers by word of mouth since their grand opening in 2002. With the combination of Irish Brew and home-cooked corned beef and cabbage, it’s no surprise that St. Patrick’s Day is perhaps their most popular day of the year.

“St. Patrick’s Day we’ll open at 11 a.m. and we’ll serve corned beef and cabbage dinners until they’re gone. Last year it was sold out by 4:30 and I cooked about 180 pounds of corned beef. This year I’ll cook even more,” owner Anne Stewart shared. “I love to cook, entertain, and feed people. That’s my mothering instinct.”

Anne, who is originally from Scotland, moved to the Boston area where she met her husband, Joe, who was from Ireland, at a bar in Boston. She claims she won him over with her cooking, which has become one of the most popular appeals to Stewart’s today.

“We looked at this building two years before we bought it, and I said there’s no way I’m living above a bar; we’re not buying it. We were looking to buy a house. We ended up buying this just a couple of years later,” she reminisced, which is how the flourishing business began. Joe worked tediously for an entire year building it into the authentic Irish pub it is today, taking pride in bringing his Irish heritage to Everett. Sadly, Joe passed away last year, but his legacy remains in the family run business.

The pub is a popular hot spot throughout the year, where they cater to regulars whom Anne Stewart described as becoming “friends and family.” She said they watch many 21-year-olds try their first drink surrounded by onlooking family members, witness lots of first-dates, celebrate many milestones, and share many stories within the walls of Stewart’s.

The St. Patrick’s Day celebration starts on Thursday morning and continues throughout the weekend.

“Saturday we’ll have a DJ and another big party. We usually do it the night before the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Southie,” Anne said. However, if trying to fulfill the craving for corned beef, it’s probably best to get there on the early side to assure you get a plate before it’s all gone.

Anne Steward of Stewart’s Pub on Elm Street is ready to host Everett’s best St. Patrick’s Day celebration this Thursday, March 17.

Anne Steward of Stewart’s Pub on Elm Street is ready to host Everett’s best St. Patrick’s Day celebration this Thursday, March 17.

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