Everett Voters Set to Participate in Massachusetts Presidential Primary March 1

By Cary Shuman

Everett voters will head to the polls Tuesday, March 1 for the Massachusetts Presidential Primary. Massachusetts joins 11 other states that hold primaries on Super Tuesday.

Everett City Clerk Michael Matarazzo said there have been a high number of phone voter registrations for the primary. There are more than 19,000 registered voters in the city.

“A lot of people are also coming in to change their status from Democrat to Unenrolled,” said Matarazzo. “Registration is up but absentee ballots, which are usually an indication of the turnout, are down.”

State Sen. Sal DiDomenico, who has a key role in the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign, is hoping for a large turnout in Everett.

“I’m hoping there’s a big turnout – it’s an important election for a lot of reasons,” said DiDomenico, who serves on the Clinton Leadership Council for the Massachusetts campaign.

DiDomenico visited New Hampshire more than 20 times for the Clinton campaign. He has also been working on the campaign in Massachusetts.

“We have a lot of Everett residents and people from throughout the district working on the Clinton campaign,” said DiDomenico, who has officially endorsed Clinton for President. “I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with Secretary Clinton and talk with her about issues that are important to the residents of my district such as public safety and the opiate crisis. “After sitting down with her about these issues and other issues that concern residents of our districts, I could see that she was definitely the right person for the job. She has real solutions to real problems.”

Matarazzo noted that there are also Democratic and Republican State Committee contests on the March 1 ballot. Calvin Brown of Chelsea and Brian J. Corr of Cambridge are candidates for the Democratic State Committeeman seat. Lesley Rebecca Phillips of Cambridge is unopposed for the Democratic State Committeewoman seat. On the Republican side, Todd Taylor of Chelsea and Michael Ara Yacobian are candidates for the Committeeman’s seat while Barbara Bush of Charlestown is unopposed for the Committeewoman’s seat.

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