Letter to the Editor

Councilor-Elect McLaughlin hits the ground running after an Election             Day Victory

 Dear Editor:

As I promised during my campaign, I will be a voice for the people of Everett. I want to bring myself up-to-date on current events and issues across the City of Everett. I have attended several events, community meetings, met with business owners and attended several meetings at City Hall on issues that matter to our neighborhoods. If I am going to be a voice of the people I need to meet them one-on-one. This is why I will do all I can to attend every public event and make myself readily available every day.

 I recently attended, along with Senator DiDomenico, State Rep Steven Ultrino of Malden and Councilor-At-Large Mike Mangan, the Health Care for All first day of open enrollment, which was held here in Everett. As your City Councilor, I will work hard with my colleagues in Federal, State and Local government to try and ensure every resident has Health Care coverage that they can afford.

 Michael J. McLaughlin

Ward Six City            Councilor-Elect

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