Preliminary Election Today:Tuesday, Sept 15 Will Decide Ward 2 Field

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr

Incumbent Ward 2 City Councilor Stephen Simonelli faced four challengers to his seat in the city’s only preliminary election of this campaign season.

The two candidates with the most votes will appear on the November ballot, with a chance to represent the residents of Ward 2.  Even though the race is for Ward 2 Councilor, voters across the city participate in the election.

Simonelli’s challengers include former Common Councilor Jason Marcus, Shawn Coyle, Haley LaMonica and Dennis DiBiase. The top two contenders will join a ballot that already features general election races for every other City Council seat.

The polling locations are as follows:

Ward 1, Precinct 1, Connolly Center (Everett Armory) at 90 Chelsea St.

Ward 1, Precinct 2, Parlin Library at 410 Broadway

Ward 2, Precincts 1 and 2, Keverian School at 20 Nichols St.

Ward 3, Precinct 1 Community Center at 21 Whittier Dr.

Ward 3, Precinct 2, Recreation Center at 47 Elm St.

Ward 4, Precinct 1, Lafayette School at 117 Edith St, enter from Bryant St.

Ward 4, Precinct 2, Glendale Towers at 381 Ferry St.

Ward 5, Precinct 1, English School at 105 Woodville St.

Ward 5, Precinct 2, City Hall, Keverian Room on third floor at 484 Broadway

Ward 6, Precinct 1, English School at 105 Woodville St.

Ward 6, Precinct 2, City Services Building at 19 Norman St.

The results of the Preliminary Election along with a general election primer for all voters and races will be published in next week’s Everett Independent.


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