Mayor Demaria Welcomes Students to City Hall for Student Government Day

Mayor Carlo DeMaria, recently joined Representative Joe McGonagle, Superintendent Fred Foresteire, and employees of the City of Everett in welcoming members of the Everett High School junior class to Student Government Day at City Hall.

Student Government Day is an informative program about City government that includes students participating in the role of elected officials and City employees to observe the procedures of certain professions. Students were assigned positions of the Mayor, the Police and Fire Departments, as well as several other City Departments.

“It was a privilege to welcome and speak to the students of Everett High School on Student Government Day,” states Mayor DeMaria, “It is important to continue to mold these young minds and help build upon the interests and subjects that intrigue them.”

Speakers at the event included Representative McGonagle, Superintendent Foresteire, and Assistant City Clerk Ellen Carr.

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