School Committee Honors Everett High School Science Fair Winners

The Everett School Committee began its meeting Monday night by taking time out to recognize the accomplishments of some of the district’s best students.

The winners of the recent Everett High School Science Fair made presentations about their winning science fair projects and the Anthony Malione Everett High School Students of the Month for January and February were announced, as their parents and families looked on.

Students Obed Posada, Emilee Guzman, Christopher Boucher, Jack Calascibetta each took turns making short presentations to the School Committee about their projects and taking questions.

Posada won in the Biology category for his experiment that sought to create vitamins edible for human consumption by bio-engineering a specific strain of yeast and baking it into bread.

Guzman won in the Chemistry category for her project that created an antibiotic resistant “Super Bug.”

Boucher won in the Engineering category for his experiment that measured the drag of side view mounted mirrors on the fuel efficiency of a car and Calascibetta won in the Physics category for his experiment that studied the efficiency of a wind turbine surrounded by a cylinder, compared to a more traditional stand along turbine.

Following the presentations by the four winning science fair students, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Thomas Stella read aloud the names of the Malione Stuidents of the Month Award for January and February, as Superintendent Frederick Foresteire presented each student with a plaque.

The students of the month for January are: Molly Snook in English, Ralph Alexis in World Languages, Kaylee Maher in Math, Anderson Velasquez-Bedoya in Science, Juliana Estabrook in Social Studies, Prima Prajapati in Technology, Jasmine Douglas in Art, Dana Lantion in Music, Brian Spencer in Health and Bryan Ruiz Ramos in Alternative Education.

The February Students of the Month are: Slader Montina in English, Paige Fialho in World Languages, Ginna Munroe in Math, Obed Posada in Science, Ysabella Nazareth in Social Studies, Madison Marturano in Art, Victoria Thistle in Music, Michelle Truong Nguyen in Health, Edwin Gonzalez Bonilla in Technology and Nicholas Saloman in Alternative Education.

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