Council Passes Mayor’s Snow- Shoveling Ordinance

The item regarding the new snow-shoveling ordinance proposed by Mayor DeMaria was passed by the City Council at last Monday’s meeting.  Mayor DeMaria and the City Council have worked together and have accepted a two-year trial ordinance that would call for mandatory snow removal by residents on abutting sidewalks in the interest of public safety.

“We have always battled the ongoing issue of snow removal on sidewalks around private properties.  Not removing the snow can cause a very real danger to pedestrians, especially the elderly and children walking to school,” states Mayor DeMaria, “The City Council and I agree that we must work collaboratively, address the issue, and come up with a fair and practical snow shoveling ordinance for the benefit of all our residents.  We are confident that the trial period will allow us to test the effectiveness and fairness of the snow shoveling ordinance, so that we can establish a real solution to the issue.”

The ordinance will apply to residences, businesses and all other properties abutting a paved sidewalk – including, but not limited to properties owned by the Commonwealth, all departments and agencies of the City of Everett, houses of worship and non-profit entities.

Looking to the future, Mayor DeMaria believes the development of such an ordinance here in the City of Everett is important for many reasons not the least of which is to allow Police, Fire, and EMS access to homes in emergencies.  Both Police Chief Mazzie and Fire Chief Butler supported the Mayor in the creation and implementation of such an ordinance.

There are certain exemptions to the ordinance.  Any person who qualifies for and receives the elderly exemption on their property taxes, or any person deemed physically handicapped by their doctor would be deemed a waiver.  However, those who do not qualify and apply for the waiver will be in violation of the ordinance are subject to a fine.

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