Letter to the Editor

Pleasure being a coach

To the Everett Crimson Tide C Team I would like to thank the players, cheerleaders, coaches and parents for one of the best seasons that I have ever had. The pleasure I had of being the coach to this group of young men was very satisfying. They proved that hard work and a commitment to the team is one of the main ingredients in a successful season. This team put together a perfect 8-0 season and added a victory in the first round of the playoffs.This group of young men looked unbeatable, but in the second round they faced a tough opponent in the Malden Cyclones and fell 30-0. It was a short ride in the playoffs but it happens to even the best of teams.It was a shame because this team worked so hard for 4 months only to have such a tough loss but sometimes outside distractions can cause even the best to fail. I would also like to thank my Team Mother Ann Marie Kidd and also Kevin Kidd for all their hard work and commitment to these kids. She personifies the true meaning to the title Team Mom. Also a big shout out to Kevin Noonan and Jerry Navarro for all their help to this team all season long in finding us places to practice. They are true professionals in their field. Thank you both very much.  And of course thank you to Brian Diamond and Joe LaMonica for putting up with me for another year. You too Skeeter.

Thank You Coach Chuck Roll Tide Roll !!!!!!

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